Arushi Bhatnagar
Worlds Youngest Professional Artist
A Guinness World Record TM

Since the age when a Child hardly learns to sit and just be able to express her everything in signs, if any child at this age proved her talent of art then calling it an amazing will not be an exaggeration. Arushi Bhatnagar has made more than 3000+ paintings and started doing this magic at a very young age of 4 months and set a New GUINNESS WORLD RECORD as “Youngest Professional Artist” by making her first solo exhibition with 52 paintings at Kalidas Akademi, Ujjain, where her first art work was sold and since then she never stopped. Arushi's achievement is published in Guinness book of World Record 2007 & 2012. Till date she has made 15 solo & 1 Group exhibitions, received 12 awards & 25 honors, have collections with renowned galleries. Her art work is sold  across various countries US, Italy, Hungry, Dubai India and one of her art work is in collection of prestigious art Gallery of President of India. She has been youngest in POGO Amazing Kid Award 2005 and invited as chief guest to inaugurate Shankar’s International Exhibition and New Art Gallery at EMERALD Heights School, Indore. Received Felicitation from President of India and India's Nuclear Men & ex-Preseident Late Mr APJ Kalam. Recently she has been honored by India's Famous Sant MuniShri Tarun Sagar for her Global Achievements.

Arushi has been Honored & awarded by India's Famous Sant MuniShri Tarun Sagarji. 2014
Felicitation by President of India. 2012
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